Finding the right candidate for the job is difficult and it is going to become even more complicated in the future. Big Data for recruiting helps to solve the problem.

Big Data for recruiting helps the companies to solve one of their most pressing issues. Every month the companies are losing long-term employees due to retirement. Those are the baby boomers leaving the job market. The next generations are much smaller and it is going to become worse continuously.

To find a qualified and experienced candidate for an opening position is therefore not easy. The amount of suitable applicants on the market is low and it is going to be even lower in the future.

Because of that, the employers have to modify their recruiting process, in order to find and to hire the most qualified candidates on the market. The best way to do so is by using new technology. The most promising opportunity lies today in big data.

How can big data be helpful in recruiting?

Big Data for recruiting
Big Data for recruiting

Big Data for recruiting makes the company more attractive for applicants


It is very important for every modern company to be appealing and interesting enough to get qualified professionals to apply for job openings. The most important factor for attractiveness is the current employees. Are they happy with their workplace, there will be very few negative statements posted online. This establishes a strong, positive image of the company.

The work conditions of every organization depend on direct management. A good manager cares for his team and provides acknowledgment for a job well done. He makes sure that the employees are neither unchallenged nor overwhelmed with their tasks over a too long time.

Using big data the managing directors can analyze the success of their mid-level-managers exactly. Are too many members leaving one team especially, it may be a sign for poor management and needs to be investigated further.

Big Data for recruiting
Big Data for recruiting

Big Data for recruiting makes it easy to find the candidate fitting the opening position most

Using Big data, combined with modern automation technology, the companies can put artificial intelligence to analyze the candidates.

The AI studies the data from the previous hiring policy – from the decisions already made in the past – and compares them with the outcomes that took place. So, with big data, the AI can parse initially skills, prior experiences and important accomplishments of the company’s – present as well as former – employees to identify the red flags.

This way the HR manager can exclude candidates, that show a high flight risk, at a very early stage. This accelerates the recruiting process essentially and makes sure that the right candidate won’t be wooed away by the competitors during the waiting time.


To find the right talent at the time needed is for every company very important. Big data and modern analysis tools make this task manageable now. An experienced big data professional can help to implement the right tools for the recruiting process. With the right partner on their side, the management team can be certain, that the company is using the new technology perfectly to benefit most.


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Von Assia Werner

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